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Did you know that a pregnancy can play a significant risk to your oral health? Although individuals tend to think about all the risks and problems that occur when you are pregnant, it is often easy to forget about your oral health. A failure to properly care for your teeth and gums can cause several other risks down the road. Here are some important tips to remember if you are pregnant:

– It is important to care for your smile while you’re pregnant, as poor oral hygiene has been associated with health risks including premature delivery, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
– If you do not properly care for your mouth while pregnant, it can cause further harm to your smile, including an increased risk for gum disease, which occurs when you have a gum tissue infection.
– If you’re pregnant, you will need to visit our pediatric dentists more often to ensure that your oral health care is progressing as needed. Don’t forget to let our team know about any prenatal vitamins or medications you may be taking in connection with your current condition.
– A focus on your diet is extremely important while you’re pregnant, not only for your own help but also the health of the baby. Be sure to avoid any sugars or other similar products that can cause damage to your physical health and your oral health.
– Don’t forget to continue to clean out your mouth properly using a nonabrasive toothbrush twice a day. Also, don’t forget to clean between your teeth with reliable interdental tools such as dental floss or a water flosser.

Would you like to visit our office for oral health care while you’re pregnant? For more dental advice or to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Albert Higgins and our team at our dental office in Prescott, Arizona, please contact us at 855-KID-ZAAM. KidZaam Dentistry look forward to upgrading your smile!