Our KidZaam team may be excellent at what they do, but sadly, even we don’t have X-ray vision. That’s why we need to use X-rays to see your child’s growing smile and find any pesky problems that may be hiding under the surface. Thankfully, our three convenient Klubhouses are outfitted with plenty of modern technology to make your child’s dental care experience even better, including all-digital X-rays! If you’re ready to schedule a visit, reach out to 855-KID-ZAAM and have us answer your questions about digital dental X-rays in Prescott Valley, Cottonwood or Prescott, Arizona. Doc, P.D., and the rest of the KidZaam Kommandos are looking forward to helping your son or daughter enjoy a healthier, happier smile.

While every single one of our patients is unique in their own way, children do require more X-rays than adults on average. This is because their mouths are growing and changing rapidly, and they’re also more susceptible to damage caused by D.K. and his goons! If we determine that your son or daughter has a higher risk of cavities, new X-rays are recommended every six to 12 months.

“But what about radiation?” you might ask. We understand your concern and want to reassure you. One of the best qualities of all-digital X-rays is that the amount of radiation the patient receives is extremely reduced—up to 80-90% when compared with the older systems! Overall, digital X-ray radiation poses a much smaller risk to your little one than dental problems that go undetected and untreated for much too long.

In addition to their much safer nature, digital X-rays offer several other valuable benefits when compared with the traditional film method that was once commonplace in the dentist’s office. These include:

  • Instead of having to wait a long time for traditional X-rays to slowly develop in a darkroom, the images our Kidzologists capture of your child’s smile are instantly transferred to our computer system for viewing.
  • Our Kidzologists can magnify and color-code the X-rays so that our young patients better understand what they’re looking at. It’s important to us that they always feel like they’re fully involved in the fight against D.K. alongside the KidZaam Kommandos!
  • Digital X-rays are more environmentally friendly and easy to store digitally—no bulky filing cabinets needed! They can even be sent to other doctors or insurance companies right away if needed.

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