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Dental Emergencies? No Problem! The KidZaam Kommandos Are On The Case

A child in pain is unacceptable to our KidZaam crew – that’s why we make every effort to see dental emergencies as soon as possible! Our goal is to provide young, frightened patients with the relief they need, as well as plenty of fun distractions (including Disney movies, temporary tattoos, balloons, prizes, and more) that can bring back their precious smile. Don’t hesitate to contact our Klubhouse in Prescott Valley, Prescott,  or Cottonwood, AZ for help.

If you’re unable to reach us right away, parents can use the following tips regarding common dental emergencies to help make their child feel more comfortable. If you can’t find the information you need, let us know – first-aid assistance is available over the phone as well!


Toothaches can happen for a wide variety of reasons. In addition to contacting KidZaam Dentistry for advice, here’s how you can help them get more comfortable:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Is the tooth a “baby” tooth? In these cases, our agents usually won’t attempt to reimplant the tooth, as this could damage the permanent tooth that’s working hard to grow big and strong beneath the gum line. However, please still call us for an appointment so that we can make sure that no other teeth were injured in the accident! 

Is the tooth permanent? If so, contact KidZaam Dentistry right away! The sooner you and your child reach our Klubhouse, the better chances are that we can save the tooth and help their smile stay intact. Please follow these steps:

Broken Tooth

Tooth damage comes in all shapes and sizes, but any changes in tooth color should be considered a bad sign. Rinse your child’s mouth with warm water right away, and have them hold a cold compress against the affected area. You can also cover the tooth with a material that breaks down over time, such as a paper towel. Contact one of our three Klubhouses as soon as you can for more help!

Tooth Concussion

A tooth concussion occurs when a tooth is knocked or banged, but doesn’t actually become dislodged or noticeably injured – children are especially likely to experience this kind of incident, considering their adventurous natures. While the tooth may become discolored, these cases don’t typically require emergency care unless the discoloration is extremely dark or even black.