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Meet Our Characters


Doc is the fun and wacky scientist of KidZaam. He has a wild, silly and kid-like outlook on life and his enthusiasm, pardon the expression, is truly contagious. He is a scientist, a physician, a teacher and an inventor all rolled into one wacky package. His brain operates on high speed always and often his inventiveness far outweighs his practicality. Many of his inventions seem to have no immediate usefulness, and then, out of nowhere a problem that only they can solve will arise! His two most important inventions are the Snooposcope and the Minimaximizer, which allow our fearless KidZaam Klub Kommandos to travel between our big world and the micro world inside the human body! Doc is certainly someone you’d like to know when that gooey DK comes around.


Pea Diatrick (P.D.) is one of our favorite KidZaam Kommandos. She’s quick witted and intelligent, a careful planner and strategist. She’s also the weapons expert of the group and her anti-bacterial weapon of choice is the ABL 9000.


Limf is one of the white blood cell members of the KidZaam Kommandos. He’s our comic relief and takes his job and mission to protect the body from infection and disease very seriously. He is fiercely loyal to Doc and his fellow KidZaam Kommandos, who love him despite his goofiness.


Node is Limf’s cool, hang-10 cousin from the West. He loves to get out in the sunshine and play. In fact, he’s one of the fastest KidZaam Kommandos on wheels. Node is at the top of his game when he’s on anything with wheels including bikes, skateboards and scooters. He loves adventure and fighting the gooey messes left around by DK.


D.K. was a classmate of Doc in school and, once upon a time, they were friends. Now his only goal is to use his evil genius to corrode kids’ teeth by sending his troops of Tooth Bugs to dig cavities. He is one big mean guy but, don’t worry kids, Doc is committed to helping you beat him!