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Are you aware of teenage dentistry’s effect on your smile? If you have not already done so, be aware of common risk factors as a teen that can put your teeth at several oral health risks. You may want to visit our office more regularly when you are younger, as it is crucial for keeping your smile safe. In addition, be aware of oral health risks in your life including the following:

– Peer pressure risks can often lead an individual to take up smoking or using drugs. By smoking, chewing tobacco or using drugs, not only do you run the risk of causing several problems to your physical health, but you can also do damage to your oral health. These products can lead to immediate stained teeth, bad breath and even eventual tooth loss and cancer.
– Sports, in particular, contact sports, are one of the biggest risk facing an individual’s smile due to the fact that a single blow or strike to your face can knock out several teeth and even break your jaw. To keep your smile safe and avoid decades of trauma to your smile, make sure to always wear the appropriate safety equipment, including helmets, mouth guards or face masks.
– Be aware of the risks associated with wearing mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings. These products can lead to choking hazard risks, oral inflammation, infectious diseases, chipped or cracked teeth, gum tissue lacerations and permanent nerve damage.

Are you ready to take control of your oral health care as a teen? To talk about your teenage dentistry options with KidZaam Dentistry, you can make an appointment at our dental office in Prescott, Arizona. Dr. Albert Higgins and our team can be reached at 855-KID-ZAAM.